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Beauty and Pain
September - Huaraz - Peru   What to do when: sick, solo, and in front of a stunningly beautiful lake at 15,000ft. Just 5 miles back to the trailhead..  (more)
Semi Safety
December - Corrales NM to Dallas TX - USA   Three guys, one 1986 station wagon, and a blizzard. Crossing a big expanse of the American West in new-Kerouac style.  (more)
Rurre's spell
Sept 1st - Rurrenabaque - Bolivia   My trip to the Amazon Bolivian basin was nothing short of a plant and wildlife cornucopia, and got me wondering, "when are you *really* in the jungle?"  (more)
The Art of Getting Home
Aug 20th - Quimsa Cruz Mountains - Bolivia  Ever lusted after a choose-your-own-adventure moment? One cold night in a worsening snowstorm I had two options..  (more)
Ever Upward
Aug 1st - Mt. Huayna Potosi - Bolivia  It was 7:00am and maybe 15F. 6000m (19,600ft) above sea level, I was climbing a wall of ice and snow, with just 100m to the snowy summit..  (more)
Shamanic Verses
July 25th - Isla del Sol - Bolivia  I didn't expect to be sitting on a starlit ledge with an Andean Shaman for a midnight meditation, but there are stranger places than Lake Titicaca for this to occur.  (more)
Sweet, Sweet Sucre
July 15th - Sucre - Bolivia  What happens to a traveler every day? What if that traveler is in Bolivia? And what if there are juice bars?! A day in the life..  (more)
Walk the Rainbow - Trekkin'
July 5th - Tupiza - Bolivia  Although my luck hadn't been stellar in the past month, I decided to test fate on a two-day minitrek and see if I could avoid killing myself.  (more)
Dances with Bicycles Pt 2, Expedition
June 25th - Salta - Argentina  The truth was that all the cyclists were scared. Some had holed up in Salta for nearly 3 weeks, waiting for European reinforcements to arrive before entering the spare-parts wasteland of Bolivia  (more)
Dances with Bicycles Pt 1, Lunacy
June 13th - Salta - Argentina  After meeting a horde of cyclists in Salta, in Northwestern Argentina, I bought a used bicycle and began to plan an assault on the Salt Flats of Bolivia. An appropriate response from a fellow traveler: "Bolivia!? Do you know how many f-ing mountains there are?!"  (more)
Valparaiso, Uncorrupted
May 20th - Valparaíso - Chile  Valparaiso, Chile's historical and once-again great port, was the lair of indominable poet Pablo Neruda. It's a realm of cobblestones, plaster and tin -- shifting, crumbling and rusting in aesthetic concert.  (more)
On the Wheels of Jesus
Apr 30th - Carretera Austral - Chile  2 hours since the giant lumber truck last rumbled by.. all that's left to do is stick out a thumb, pray a little, and wait for the next passing priest...  (more)
Sunrise in Patagonia
Apr 12th - Argentina - Patagonia  As the morning sunlight first hits my face, I'm cooking oatmeal with Argentine dulce de leche (milk caramel) on a campfire stove. For the last hour, I've been at a rocky lake at the foot of the peaks awaiting the "sunrise of fire" on Mt. Fitz Roy, a 3405m peak in Parque National Glacieres..  (more)
TroopinŽin Tierra Del Fuego
Apr 8th - Argentina - Tierra Del Fuego  Mariana and I marched faithfully towards Lago Esmeralda, following the paper map that "Gato" had given us. On either side, sawtooth mountains looked ready to tear the soft grey sky overhead. The valley floor is carpeted by a rainbow of turba, peat moss in a bouquet of colors: red, green, white, yellow and black, a dragon's mouth laid open..  (more)
Ni Olvida, Ni Perdón
Apr 5th - Argentina - Buenos Aires  In a tourist playground of tango, currency arbitrage and all-u-can-eat meat, remembering that 30,000 people simply vanished 30 years ago, including the woman standing before us..  (more)
On the Island of Honey
Mar 12th - Brazil - Ilha do Mel  At nearly 7pm, I'm trotting down a dirt path; my only light to catch the curves from intermittent lightning flashes against a dark purple sky. There are no roads here, no cars, just a three feet of dirt snaking through the mangroves between villages.. (more)

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