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Trekking the Wall (all China)

The Great Wall of China is a tourist trap, with all dutifully paying to stomp around on top of the 1300 AD monument to Chinese Qin Dynasty power. Some of the larger sites, such as Badaling and Simitai, are paved to perfection, with archers' niches restored; they nearly sparkle in the light with not a stone out of place. Mark and I, from before we arrived, had nurtured a dream -- to camp atop the Great Wall. And, in finding a place that was obscure (and dilapidated) enough to not be caught, we ended up walking about 25km (16miles) over the crumbling, overgrown state that most of the Wall's 5000km still exhibit. ("the wall" is really several unconnected walls atop strategic mountain ridges, but these folks are still known to be crazy)

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