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Resources for the Big Trip

So, you want to travel the world, eh?

Here is a thorough, but not exhaustive list of resources to help plan a trip, especially those I found useful:

Viva la travel!

Traveler Forums: (Start here!)
Lonely Planet Thorntree
Boots-n-all Forums

Normal Airline Tickets:
Kayak (simply the best, expanding)
Opodo (good for intl)

Air Consolidators:
Best Travel Store (very good for one-way)

Around-the-World Tickets, Air Programs
AirTreks (US Origination)
Quantas (Australia)
Free Frequent Flier Miles (for the thrifty)
Flyer Talk (Forum for Air Travelers)

Hospitality Networks:

General knowledge bases:
Round the World FAQ
PoorButHappy.com (Colombia, India, expanding)
www.hobotraveler.com (10 years full-time travel)
www.gridskipper.com (urban chic hints, global reach)
Hasbrouck.org (good general advice, wrote a recent book)

US Embassies/Passport Info:
Worldwide List
Losing a Passport Abroad
Passport Application

Visa Information:
US State Dept Visa List (country-by-country for US Citizens)

Travel Insurance:
World Nomads (Aussie, very good, easy online renewals)

Globalwalk.org (5 years walking across the world for breast cancer)
Gonebikeabout.com (two Swiss friends who biked for 26 months in mid-career)
Pushonnorth.org (my friend Tim: Tierra del Fuego to Alaska for Drs. without borders)
Edsgonesouth.com (for the motorcycle-minded)
Acercandoelmundo.com (spanish) (10 year plan to circle the world)

Where to Go:
UNESCO (world heritage sites)

Camera Advice & Info:
DP Review (you need go no further)

the-gadgeteer.com (among many)
Kropla.com (electric compatibility)

Packing Lists:
One Bag (exhaustive, see gray menu bar)

Reverse Engineering: (see how travelers did it, budgeted, etc)
Thirteen Months (leave it to graphic designers..)
Life Nomadic (cocky SOBs, but with careful thought about their gear)

Diseases etc:
World Health Org's Typical Baddies
For "what's wrong with me", use wikipedia.org
Travelsafely.com (hepatitus A/B)

Emigrant Direct (high-ish $$-yield savings acct)
Everbank (online banking)
finance.yahoo.com (exchange rates)
xe.com (exchange rates)
Big Tub of Sand
Parc Guell
New Year's in the Alps
Dreams of the Himalaya
Meet Tibet
Lake Country
Gods are Watching
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