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  Snaps from Ecuador

Hot springs, 13,000-foot hikes on Christmas, wee beach towns, hidden lakes, rainbow souveniers and a monkey. Ecuador in mosaic...
Procession of the Traveling Child: Innumerable 4 year-olds fainting in their Christmas-Eve best, guiding donkeys laden with liquor and candy. Ahhh, the festivals of the Andes...
Volcanos that blew their top, and the turquoise water and raibows that now fill the void. Shots from Quilatoa Crater and arounds..
The Galapagos Islands.. Darwin's legacy of animals that could care less if you walk by. Evolution of some weird beasts: South Islands - Espaņola, Fernandina
Galapagos Part 2: the North(ish) Islands. Animals saying hello from Plazas, Chinese Hat and Bartolome.
Galapagos Part 3: Santa Cruz Island, full of giant tortoises and eerily green cloud forests. Also, where the peeple live.
Galapagos Part 4: Isabela. The enormous island nobody visits except the researchers. Tried my best to wrangle some volunteer work, but the tourism wasn't bad either..
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