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Galapagos Islands: Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, though not the first of the Galapagos to be inhabited, is firmly the "big island" when it comes to population. As with many of the Galapagos, it has its own endemic species of frickin enormous tortoises. For the cruise, we visited these both in their leafy wild retreats, and in the Charles Darwin Center, home to many of the oldest and most pampered tortoises, up to 150 years and counting (the males weigh in at around 250kg/600lbs). Also in this gallery, my visit to the Tortoise Reserve, run by a Galapagueño raised by refugee American parents. Apparently, phones arrived en-masse in the Galapagos in 1992-93. Ahh, the olden days.. before all the pesky tourists.

Reminiscing of days past, I spent a night at the Reserve in the highlands, discovering that the bigger they are, the louder tortoises snore.

 . . .