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  Snaps from China

Shanghai: It was our arrival city in the China. Mark hooked us up with his company's corporate apartment. A fascinating city with streetside Taichi, skyscrapers and street dumplings. The haze was terrible but, a few photos survived the cut..
Forbidden details of the Forbidden City and a bit more. Most of the Beijing photos are temporarily lost to data failure, sadly. Note: no Olympics propaganda to share.. just wait a year.
Mark and I, as stubborn men with a tent, decided that instead of the standard day-trip tour to China's most enduring tourist trap... we would hike over and camp atop the Great Wall of China. We were chased on the wall by baton-wielding police, but managed to pitch our tent atop that parched and ancient barrier
These guys are the ones you're supposed to take pictures of.. thousands of the terracotta army, lodged in a giant airplane hanger, swarmed by tourists.
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