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  Snaps from Venezuela

Vaccinating a village 3 hours up a river we would cross 25 times to the waist. Arriving in the dark. Sleeping on the ground. Why? "Because nobody else makes it up this far."
Bumping around the mountains of Merida. Frallejones and cute litte villages.
Another world of edible plants, plants that eat you, infinite crevasses, evil fog, crystal valleys, impossible rock forms, and 2000 foot sheer drops. Welcome to the weirdest, best trek in South America.
Venezuela's coast rivals any in the world. Lose yourself for a moment in palms, beaches, birdies and the biological station that Jurassic Park forgot..
Feel the roar.. of the 70s!! Gas guzzling monsters, prowling the streets and highways of baseball and Heinz-ketchup-loving Venezuela. See, despite what the petrosocialists say, we aren't that different after all!
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