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  Snaps from Colombia

Bogota: bursting with life, cafes, Botero and Gold. A peek inside Ian's favorite South American city..
Santa Marta, my dusty refuge up North, kicks off Carnival, strutting itself in the friendliest of Colombian ways.
Welcome to Baranquilla, home of Shakira and the real Carnival of Colombia. Take a look at the wonderfully creative, second-largest Carnival in South America.
Parque Nacional Tayrona - 4 days on the beach that could stretch into eternity. A beach cove or two, coconut palms, ancient ruins, and even leafcutter ants en march..
Cartegena, crumblingly beautiful. My favorite Carribean tourist trap! Now with jewelry AND prostitutes!!
Jeepers, Batman! It's the Northernmost point in South America!! And you thought that was weird by itself.. a peninsula of salt, sand and saris.. or something like that.
The South of Colombia is where the locals travel by day. A land of cattle, excessive greenery and funny hats, it was my introduction to Colombia. It also happens to play host to some 3500 year-old ruins..
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