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Parque National Tayrona

Tayrona, to many Colombians, is a little slice of paradise. That's saying something, for a culture that prides itself on relaxing well. On the Carribean coast, near Santa Marta, it links 5000m mountains to their beach landing, and oh the beaches... Like most of the backpackers, we got off the local bus, and started walking. Past the first beach, the second, and finally arriving at the third, Cabo San Juan, a double-bay set just a few feet from an enormous coconut palm grove. Many people simple arrive and decide to live there, a sort of hippie colony, complete with homemade kitchenettes. I met some great people here, and enjoyed my time swinging in hammocks and sleeping under the swaying palm fronds.

(Warning: palm tree overdose possible if viewed more than once.)

 . . .