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  Snaps from Colombia
La Guajira - Mad Max, Salt Flats, & the Indigenous

The Guajira Peninsula is South America's most northern jutting into the Carribean. As such, having visited Ushuaia in the South, it was only a matter of time before it started calling to me. The land is dry, sparsely populated, and conveniently not even mapped by the Colombia Lonely Planet. In roadside huts reminiscent of Mad Max the indigenous Wayru wear clothes that look more like Africa than South America. They speak their own language, Wayu, and aren't exactly highly sociable. These photos come from two major stops -- the salt cultivation at Lxxxxx, and the tourist ghost town of Cabo de la Vela (during low season). Other travelers found their way there too, and we all just marveled at how weird the place is.

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