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Carnival in Baranquilla - #2 on the Continent

After seeing 2 Carnivals in Brazil, I was curious what the virtually annymous Colombian Carnival would be. That, and was several thousand miles from any other festival. Though not a madhouse like Rio, Baranquilla comes alive during Carnival drawing the costumed and the eager from all over Colombia. It was full of originality and a sweeter face that I saw in Brazil - owing to the thousands of kids strutting their stuff.

As the tradition goes in Baranquilla, Rey Momo ushers in the Carnival sometime Friday night, and the city erupts in parades, crawling from end to end. At night, the city drinks beer on porches and dances Vallenato (coastal colombian), Cumbia and Salsa in the streets. I imagine this is how Brazil's carnival was 40 years ago - awash in local pride and families celebrating together.

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