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  Snaps from Tibet
Lakes in the Clouds (all Tibet)

There are 4 sacred lakes on the Tibetan plateau.. crystaline blue, and at dizzying elevations above 15,000 feet, I knew I would have to go. These photos chronicle two trips: the first, my cycling trip to Yamdrok-Tso, a pincer-shaped lake that curves between rumpled hills. The trip compressed 150km of cycling, a 1100m (3500ft) pass, food poisoning at a construction workers' camp, 1000 Chinese tourists, a Tibetan festival picnic, and a rescue to Lhasa into 40 short hours.

On the second trip to Nam-Tso lake, I took the eas(ier) route: a tourist bus, and full camping gear, to venture off solo and camp next to the huge blue expanse. Instead, I met Maria from Spain and we escaped roving dogs and climbed the stone citadel that lorded over the finger of soil extending into Nam-Tso. All would have been easy, except that our bus back the next day never showed up and we had to hitch with a Chinese tourist group. Just our luck, the tour stopped at a regional animal husbandry center where we were treated to a demonstration: fish oil from high-altitude trout can dissolve styrofoam, whereas low-altitudes fish oil cannot. (And you're stpposed to ingest this?) As some signs said, this is indeed a Strange Magic Place, this Tibet..
NamTso Lake

Yamdrok-Tso Lake

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