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  Snaps from Tibet
Manigango to Dege - 8 days decided in 8 minutes (all Tibet)

Before we rolled into the flea-bit town of Manigango, we'd wanted to do a trek around a mountain, Chola-Shan, to the very famous monastery town of Dege. But, sadly, we could find absolutely no information about how to do this. Imagine our luck when we hopped off a morning bus to find Isabele and Juraj, two vet Canadian travelers, about to depart for the very same trek. We could come along, if we could get ready in 90 minutes...

We managed to make it out of the gate. The first day past enormous Tibetan runes carved on rocks, the second day over a jolly 5000m (16,500ft) while we still lugged rations for 7 more days. We passed through unmolested fields of wildflowers with yak herdsmen, and even a couple near-forgotten Tibetan Buddist monasteries. We eventually had to fire our guides, Tashi and Doje, but bore on, amazed by the untouched route before us..

Photos roughly in order.. forgive the long load time.

 . . .