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  Snaps from Tibet
21 days in Lhasa (Part 2) (all Tibet)

Waiting out the monsoon rains in the upcoming Nepal, I kicked back in Lhasa for almost 3 weeks, making dozens of new friends at the recently opened Cafe Nomad. We got up as a group at 4:30am on the day of the Shotun "yougurt" festival and climbed up a mountain strewn with prayer flags to lay a few ourselves. From our promontory, we saw the monks unveil a 100-foot long thanka (painting) of the Buddha on the hill, to celebrate their departure from summer hermitages.

As a reward for my 21 days in Lhasa, I also scored some great pics of the Potola Palace from the interior courtyard without paying a cent, deftly sidestepping the security guards. (Potola tickets, like everything else in Lhasa, has become a racket, with a line of 500 people that starts at midnight the night before..)
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