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  Snaps from Nepal
The Nepal Highlight Reel

Famous for its mountains, Nepal is home to 8 of the the world's 10 8000m (26,300ft) peaks. Clearly I had to visit. While the Nepalis are proud to trumpet Everest as a tourist magnet, many outsiders don't know that the country stretches from malarial rice paddies 500m above sea level all the way to the rocky pyramid at 8848m. It's a sanctuary of the high snows and dozens of other ecozones. I spent nearly a month on the trails, passing through tropical forests of butterflies and leeches, cloud forests, and the high tundra and snow passes up to 5400m (17,000ft). These photos round the 150 mile grandaddy loop: the Annapurna Circuit, a month-long tromp around the Annapurna royal family. Though touristed, a stunning trek. Hope you dig these.

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