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  Snaps from Tibet
People of Kham, Amdo and U (all Tibet)

The Tibetan Plateau is sometimes referred to by climatologists as the "3rd Pole" -- towering above China like a dusty, snowcapped citadel, it is as imposing a natural feature as any on earth. Using the international standard of hugeness, it is roughly the size of 2 Texases. When outsiders think of "Tibet", it's easy to forget that Tibetans, though they forged their culture in the heights, spread far into China, India, Nepal and Bhutan. My travels brought me to the East (Kham), to the North (Amdo) fringes of the old kingdom.

The Chinese have focused their ethnic dilution on Lhasa and the plateau("U"), but Tibetan culture still flourishes in the (relatively) unmolested outer reaches of the Tibetan world. Mark and I were lucky to see a bit of the wild and wooly Tibet that endures. These portraits cover the span of the people we encountered: nomads, pilgrims and townspeople, who proved curious, unabashed and often just plain fun.
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