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  Snaps from Tibet
The wild and woolly Tagong Grasslands (all Tibet)

Just 8 hours from 8MM people in Chengdu is a little slice of heaven. Abruptly, after riding 6 hours of comfortable Chinese highway, we were in a cramped little minibus for 4 hours and suddenly "in" Tibet. The shift was unmistakable.. Kham (Eatern Tibet) had cowboys with machete-long knives, women spinning prayer wheels, and the open sky we'd been longing for after the perpetual grey of Chinese cities. In Tagong, we met monks, were invited into Tibetan nomads' tents for tea and tsampa (barley flour), wandered on hilltops, and visited a sky burial site (where vultures fly away with dismembered body parts -- though we didn't see the ceremony). Simply put, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen: 13,000 foot flowered grasslands, yaks, snow mountains and prayer flags. Take a lookee..

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