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Huayhuash - 8 Days in Tramping at 5000m

The Cordillera Huayhuash, a remote little range 130km South and East of Huaraz, used to be a secret. It was a stronghold for Peru's notorious Shining Path Guerillas, who terrorized the locals and even killed a few hardy trekkers who scaled the high passes. Interest had waned, and access was tough. To visit, you pay for "protection", but it was mostly extortion as the minders spent more time tending their own sheep than watching for bandits. I came on a good friend's recommendation, and wasn't disappointed by the scenery.

I was however, taken back by the amount of traffic for a "little visited" trekking route. Trash cluttered the campgrounds. I was lucky that our group of 10 (9 Israelis + me) was the only one that started off that day. During the high (dry) season, 150 trekkers a day can pass through, and the trek is quickly turning into Disneyland without Mickey to take out the trash.
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