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  Snaps from Burning Man
Black Rock City: Burning Man!

Black Rock City Nevada, Population 50,000 for 7 days. This is where Burning Man convenes every autumn, just as the summer hits its crescendo and begins the descent into the normal hum drum of the school year and monday night football. On the Playa (beach in spanish -- Burning Man is held on an ancient evaporated lake of now-alkaline sand), we talked of the "default world" In Black Rock, free expression reigns supreme, judgement is checked at the door, and creativity generally runs wild.

I rolled into the City Monday at midnight, with 7 days until Labor Day in the desert stretching out before me. Meri, a fellow LaLa Camp LaLa, greeted me, saying "Welcome Home!" Kat, who invited me to Burning Man smiled and draped a dogtag over my neck:

Black Rock City, NV
Burning Man
If found, please return to Camp LaLa
815 & the Outer Ring

So, these are the fruits of those days: from festooned floats, to a cornucopia of nighttime music & glowsticks, to "Critical Tits" a 4000-lady joyful analog to Critical Mass. And of course, on Saturday, we all burnt down the Man, in a sigh of shouts and flames. Please, MIND THE NUDITY if at work, but enjoy the spectacle..

 . . .