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El Alto - Cholitas Wrestling

My favorite adjective for the 1-million person El Alto comes from Lonely Planet's Description: "cuboid." The city is perched on the rim of the bowl that La Paz sits in. Economically more productive, poorer, and Bolivia's resident font of "Chola" culture - cholas are denoted by their dress: unmistakable pleated skirt and pigtails, most often topped by a bowler hat that provides scant shade at 4000m (13,000ft). The uniform, an opposition of the Spanish crown, is now worn to garner respect. Cholitas wrestling, an.. um.. unique expression of the culture, runs every Sunday afternoon. Other matches included: the bride of Chucky, the "cook" and Sadaam versus Batman and Robin, two midgets (one is the son of Chucky), and a werewolf vs. some guy in gold. Yes, that's real blood, and yes, the audience was alternatively beating and fleeing from the contestants..  
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