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  Snaps from Bolivia

Canyons folded like pastries, in the most amazing colors. Like a vision of the wild west, with a bit of Andean lunacy thrown in.
The first 2 days of my tour to the Salt Flats of Uyuni, a high altitude wonderland.
Days 3 and 4 of the tour, culminating with a July 4th run, speeding across the Salt Flats at dawn.
Sucre, Bolivia's white city and constitutional capital, surrounded by wondrous multicolor landscapes..
When you need high, you come to Bolivia. The world's highest navigable lake, and durn pretty too.
La Paz's students through a pretty good carnival procession, and this is apparently nothing compared to the February celebration in Oruro!
Climbing a big ole' mountain. Adventures at 20,000 feet. How could you not click to find out more!?!
Cholitas Wrestling.. combining the best of the American WWF with the quintessential figure of Bolivia, the bowler-hatted Chola. (Now with blood.)
Above 4000m, where the air gets thin and life gets weird. (Now with new and improved rocks!!)
Quimsa Cruz, the star trek country of Bolivia. Where help is 2 days away and the miners like it that way.
You ever get the feeling it's their river, and not yours? Photos from the wetlands outside Rurrenabaque.
Finally, the Amazon. A power to behold, full of macaws, monkeys, and insects that will make your head spin.
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