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Venezuela: the Lost World, Beaches, and the Andes
Beautiful nature one can visit with a $2.50 tank of gas. Hurray for Chavez!!
Colombia in Carnival and more..
The friendliest people on the Continent, welcoming me to their country, their Carnival and their homes.
Ecuador, the Galapagos and more.
Tortoises, beaches, volanoes, hot springs and some flowers..
Peru, off the Beaten Paths..
From the Coast to the Andes to the Amazon..
Bolivia, Um, DAMN
Bolivia, colorful to the extreme: Salt Flats, 20,000ft peaks, and the Jungle
Chile, Rugged Wonderful
Chile in fall glory: Mountains, Highways and Boats
Argentina on Display
Waterfalls, Paris (in Spanish) and the mysterious Tierra del Fuego
Brazil's Wonders
Brazil resplendant in Carnival, Chill on the Beach
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