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Frequently Asked Questions

In the future, I hope to have a better explanation of how to get in touch. In the meantime, just send me an email at ian at seekingshangrila.com

Did you win the lottery?
Not at all. The cost of an around-the-world trip is roughly the difference between buying a nice new car and a used Honda Civic. Traveling isnīt free, but it costs less to live on the road than it does at home, with a bit of discipline..

How long will you be traveling?
Iīm not sure -- until either my money or enthusiasm runs out. My best is guess is 18 to 24 months, with some stops along the way, as fate dictates. Really, the point was to unemcumber myself from all the tethers that we wind round our lives at home. Rent, employment, mobile phone contracts etc..

By yourself?!
Well, sort of. There is an amazing community of travelers, from all over the world - Romania, Australia, Japan, Mexico, UK, and others. We tend to congregate on buses, trains and in hotels of low cost -- gringo trails, hippy trails, call them what you will. Fascinating places to be.

Did you buy an around the world ticket?
Youīd think that would be one product that would be tailored to my trip. Turns out no. You can only buy RTW tickets 12 months out. Since I plan to spend a good amount of time in South America, thereīs no good reason. Plus, you have to say exactly where youīre planning to go! Ack!!

Do you have a laptop?
Hell no. Those bastards are heavy, and we are all about traveling light. I have a Dell axim PDA, a foldable keyboard, and an external hard drive, plus my camera and a few changes of clothes. That even feels like a lot, when itīs all riding on your back.

What did you do about your job?
Like everything else that isnīt on my back, I had to leave it. In the final three months before I left, I worked on some side consulting contracts and made wine. Go DīVine Wine McKinney! That was a good time, I tell ya.

When will you see your friends and family?
A tough one, because I know they read this. Um, it depends? Any of you friends are welcome to meet up with me along the way, and family, you know the deal. I may pop back into the US mid-trip, if airline gods so decide..

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