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About Ian and the Trip

There's a moment when you decide: go or don't go.

I'm American, 27 years old now, and in 2005, I decided to go. Like many other dreams, it's mix of luck and perserverance. Owing to both, I boarded in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a one-way ticket to Rio and not much else.

I tell myself two years or so for the big wide world, but you can't see it all, and certainly not well. Roughly, I'm traveling through South America, Australia/NZ, SE Asia and Africa or Russia/Eastern Europe

The more you travel, the less you claim to know -- why I love suggestions! From, "I used to live at the foot of Perito Moreno Glacier..." to "I've always dreamed of seeing the Potola in Llasa, Tibet."

SeekingShangriLa.com is both a personal memoir and my "job" on the road, so please contribute ideas to make it interesting!

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