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Enchanments of Rurre
My trip to the Amazon Bolivian basin was nothing short of a plant and wildlife cornucopia, and got me wondering, "when are you *really* in the jungle?"  
The Art of Getting Home
Ever lusted after a choose-your-own-adventure moment? One cold night in a worsening snowstorm I had two options.. 
Ever Upward
It was 7:00am and maybe 15F. 6000m (19,600ft) above sea level, I was climbing a wall of ice and snow, with just 100m to the snowy summit..
Shamanic Verses
I didn't expect to be sitting on a starlit ledge with an Andean Shaman for a midnight meditation, but there are stranger places than Lake Titicaca for this to occur.
Sweet, Sweet Sucre
What happens to a traveler every day? What if that traveler is in Bolivia? And what if there are juice bars?! A day in the life..
Walk the Rainbow
Although my luck hadn't been stellar in the past month, I decided to test fate on a two-day minitrek and see if I could avoid killing myself.
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