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Brazil Logs:

Inside the Toy Chest
Behind the scenes access used to be special -- a treat for the lucky or well connected. Now, it's a genre of TV and variety show. Well, folks.. today I was lucky enough to be part of that variety show.
Moments From Rio
A city of lust, fear, and bad motels -- little tales about nearly dying on a famous loaf, about the miracle of public transport, and of armies of the expectant.
On the Island of Honey
At nearly 7pm, I'm trotting down a dirt path; my only light to catch the curves from intermittant lightning flashes against a dark purple sky. There are no roads here, no cars, just a three feet of dirt snaking through the mangroves between villages..
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Beija Flor Maestre
Holy Mackarel, dancing Jackos!
Queen of the Dance
Catch the number on that oxcart?
I see you..
. .